Empowering Safe AI Innovation

Drive AI innovation without the risk of data exposure

Product use cases

Enhance Your Data Security & Accelerate Your AI Journey

Track GenAI Adoption
Deep insights into GenAI adoption and analysis of most popular use cases.
Identify Shadow
Proactively detect and mitigate the risks of unauthorized app usage.
Manage GenAI 
Supplier Risk
Monitor SaaS providers using your data for AI training, ensuring compliance and security.
Protect IP and Source Code
Prevent leakage of unstructured sensitive data and intellectual property.
Define and Identify Your Sensitive Data
Use straightforward, plain-English commands to classify and protect sensitive data effectively.
Continuously Coach End Users
Regularly guide users towards secure AI practices with targeted, effective training.
Secure your Data

The Harmonic Solution

Superhuman Data Protection

Meet Maestro

User-Centric Understanding
Easily track AI adoption, use cases, and risk. Understands what you want to protect from plain English, not complex rules.
Human-Like Sensitive Data Detection
Imagine having an unlimited team of analysts at your disposal. Maestro is powered by a unique dataset encompassing billions of data points from public sources, ensuring no detail is overlooked.
Proactive End User Communication
Maestro meets your users exactly where they are, offering clear, straightforward guidance and training. Enhance security awareness and foster a culture of safety across your organization.

Insights into Employee GenAI Use  

  • Identify Shadow AI. Continuous visibility across 6,000+ risky AI applications in use.
  • Pinpoint GenAI use cases. Understand how employees are using GenAI, and for what.
  • Detect data privacy risks. Easily identify GenAI and GenAI-enabled applications training on your data.

Pre-Trained Data Protection LLMs

  • Trained on Public Data. An experienced team knows what slips through the cracks. 
  • Human-Like Review. The equivalent of unlimited resources to analyze all data leaving to GenAI tools. 
  • Plain-English Inputs. This means you can enable adoption without needing to whack a mole block tools.

Automate Resolution by Directly Engaging with End Users

  • Save the SOC. Avoid firing noisy alerts to the security team by engaging directly with the end user.
  • Plain english explanations. Help users understand the associated risk.
  • Enable end users. Provide safe alternatives and coaching to enable secure GenAI use.

What leaders are saying

Discover why top security experts are choosing Harmonic
GenAI is the Wild West right now, but Harmonic gives me the insights I need to get in control. Harmonic uncovers blindspots, including unauthorized and risky AI applications my employees are using.
Huy Ly
Director IT Infrastructure/Security, Monolithic Power Systems
We wanted to adopt GenAI tools but were worried about the risks to our sensitive data. Existing controls could block the whole category, but that's not what we wanted. Harmonic gives me visibility and control. I'm excited to roll out their 'human-like' data protection. Current-gen DLP is too much effort for my team and doesn't find things I care about
Sascha Maier
CISO, SV Group
Data security is long overdue disruption. Harmonic is providing fresh thinking and new solutions to challenges amplified by AI.
Rinki Sethi
CISO, Bill.com
With increasing pressure on CISOs to adopt GenAI, Harmonic is a breath of fresh air.
Ross McKerchar
AI adoption has moved from a threat to a must-have in the Board-CISO conversation. Harmonic enables security teams to leverage AI themselves while also providing a path to saying yes to business.
Jerry Perullo
GenAI has come quicker than we could have imagined, and security must be equally fast. The rate at which Harmonic is innovating is truly exciting and has the potential to revolutionize the data security industry.
Dave Palmer
Co-Founder, Darktrace
Data and AI are inextricably intertwined - the fuel and engine powering the most transformative technology of our time. Yet, we cannot unlock AI's full potential without confronting the pressing challenges surrounding data privacy, security, and quality. Harmonic is grappling with some of these huge challenges, and I'm looking forward to seeing them scale”
Adrian Joseph OBE
Portfolio NED and AI Advisor
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Answers to the most common questions about Harmonic Security

Harmonic gives you instant insights into GenAI app usage. After deploying our browser extension, you will get immediate visibility.

Harmonic maintains an index of GenAI and GenAI-enabled applications and changes on a daily basis. So far, we cover more than 6,000 apps.

We charge per user, per month. For exact pricing, contact us at sales@harmonic.security

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