Foster trust in tomorrow's technological advancements.

Paving the way for secure AI adoption, ensuring innovation thrives without compromise

Our mission

To pave the way for secure AI adoption in enterprises, ensuring innovation thrives without compromise. We stand committed to protecting data integrity, promoting responsible AI use, and fostering trust in tomorrow’s technological advancements.

Our Core Values

Flourishes in the Unknown

Relishes being thrown into new, unfamiliar situations where initiative and quick decisions and required.

Quickly gets on top of the situation and delivers results the team needs with minimal guidance

Never Full

Never hesitates to put their hand up and take on challenges and assist others who need help.
Hungers for opportunities to learn more and do more.

Perfect Harmony

Has a genuine willingness to assist and support one another to create cohesion and unity.
Fosters the success of others through collaboration, honest feedback and ideas, enabling them to grow and produce their best work.
Our team

Harmonic's Board

Led by industry veterans.
Alastair Paterson
CEO & Co-founder
Bryan Woolgar-O'Neil
CTO & Co-founder
Alex Doll
Founder at Ten Eleven Ventures
Our investors

Selected investors

Led by industry veterans.
Jerry Perullo
Founder Adversarial Risk Management
Former CISO, New York Stock Exchange
Daniel Bernard
Chief Business Officer, CrowdStrike
Eileen Burbidge
Partner at Passion Capital
Nick Warner
Former COO, SentinelOne


We’re not hiring right now, but we’d love to hear from you if you’re passionate about getting involved in our mission!