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Zero-touch data protection for the GenAI era

Overcome GenAI Adoption Barriers with Harmonic

Secure Your Competitive Edge
55% of organizations are adopting GenAI to stay competitive. Harmonic ensures you're not left behind by equipping security teams with robust tools for secure implementation.
Enhance Visibility into Shadow AI
As employees embrace new tools, especially from remote locations, Harmonic extends your security reach, ensuring no Shadow AI escapes detection.
Protect Sensitive Data
Mitigate the risks of data exposure and maintain compliance with Harmonic's advanced safeguards, keeping your sensitive information secure and private.
Data Security Redefined for the GenAI Era

What leaders are saying

Discover why top security experts are choosing Harmonic
GenAI is the Wild West right now, but Harmonic gives me the insights I need to get in control. Harmonic uncovers blindspots, including unauthorized and risky AI applications my employees are using.
Huy Ly
Director IT Infrastructure/Security, Monolithic Power Systems
We wanted to adopt GenAI tools but were worried about the risks to our sensitive data. Existing controls could block the whole category, but that's not what we wanted. Harmonic gives me visibility and control. I'm excited to roll out their 'human-like' data protection. Current-gen DLP is too much effort for my team and doesn't find things I care about
Sascha Maier
CISO, SV Group
Data security is long overdue disruption. Harmonic is providing fresh thinking and new solutions to challenges amplified by AI.
Rinki Sethi
With increasing pressure on CISOs to adopt GenAI, Harmonic is a breath of fresh air.
Ross McKerchar
AI adoption has moved from a threat to a must-have in the Board-CISO conversation. Harmonic enables security teams to leverage AI themselves while also providing a path to saying yes to business.
Jerry Perullo
GenAI has come quicker than we could have imagined, and security must be equally fast. The rate at which Harmonic is innovating is truly exciting and has the potential to revolutionize the data security industry.
Dave Palmer
Co-Founder, Darktrace
Data and AI are inextricably intertwined - the fuel and engine powering the most transformative technology of our time. Yet, we cannot unlock AI's full potential without confronting the pressing challenges surrounding data privacy, security, and quality. Harmonic is grappling with some of these huge challenges, and I'm looking forward to seeing them scale”
Adrian Joseph OBE
Portfolio NED and AI Advisor
Blocking isn’t the only option.

Adapt to the GenAI Era Without Compromise

Traditional data security methods are failing to keep pace with the rapid advancements in GenAI. Many security teams find themselves stuck using broad, restrictive measures that severely impact productivity.

Harmonic provides a smarter alternative. Our solutions are designed to give security professionals the tools and visibility they need to safeguard sensitive, unstructured data effectively, without compromising on efficiency.
of AI security breaches involve internal parties
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believe GenAI's growth calls for more regulation
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identify data privacy concerns as major GenAI adoption barriers
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rise in policies limiting GenAI tool access
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