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Harmonic at RSA Conference 2024: Learn, Meet, Party, and Eat

April 15, 2024

It’s almost one month until the 2024 edition of RSA Conference kicks off. In this blog, we share the most interesting AI talks, where to meet the Harmonic team, and offer suggestions for where to eat near Moscone.

Let’s dig in.

Speaking Spotlights: AI Security

There are a lot of great-looking talks to choose from. If you’re interested in all things AI security, here are our picks:

Use Generative AI to End Your Love/Hate Relationship with DLP

Heidi Shey will speak about data security and Generate AI “where DLP is an outcome, and not a single data control”. 

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Oh, the Possibilities: Balancing Innovation and Risk with Generative AI

The ECS team will be talking about governance and compliance, as well as “critical actions to take when implementing policy around generative AI in your organization.”

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AI: Law, Policy, and Common Sense Suggestions to Stay Out of Trouble

Behnam Dayanim provides a deep dive into the legal considerations of GenAI. The talk will focus on “ethical, legal, and policy considerations must go into AI”. 

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DevOps Connect: DevSecOps and Generative AI: Security in an AI Universe

This isn’t a single talk; rather a full day of AI talks. The likes of Meta, Anthropic, OpenAI, Microsoft, and Google will speak about how their own LLMs help DevSecOps efforts.

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Applying Past Lessons for Intel-Driven Identity Threat Detection

Finally, our own Michael Marriott will be speaking on identity threat detection, and provide actionable tips for both identity and threat intelligence teams. 

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Meet Us 

If you are attending RSA and concerned about the security and data privacy implications of generative AI, we’d love to speak to you. You can arrange a 1-1 meeting with our team be following this link: We’ll be handing out free copies of our GenAI best practice guide!

We will also be hosting a party on Wednesday 6th May to celebrate our general availability with our customers, advisors, and design partners. Naturally, we will be hosting this at Harmonic Brewing (where else?!). Aside from having a great name, the brewery has a spectacular patio with views across the bay. 

 If you’d like to join us, register for our party here:

Top Five Food Options Near Moscone (within half a mile)

Finally, we know that some of us need a chance to get away for some introvert time and decent food. If you’re sick of canapes and Moscone food, here’s a few lunch spots that we love–all less than 0.5 miles away:

  1. Oren’s Hummus. 0.2 miles from Moscone. What to try: Falafel pita 
  2. Cafe du Soleil. 0.2 miles. What to try: Croque Monsieur
  3. Yank Sing. 0.5 miles. What to try: Dim Sum
  4. La Fromagerie Cheese Shop. 0.5 from Moscone. What to try: Mancha Duck Salad
  5. Muracci's Japanese Curry & Grill. 0.5 miles. What to try: Chicken Katsu Curry

We’d Love to See You!

Whether at a talk, meeting 1-1, at our party, or simply hanging in the W, we’d love to say hello.

Book time with us:  

Register for our party:

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