Enabling security leaders to get their arms around the problem by providing the visibility they need.
Identifying the high risk applications.
The need for AI adoption and visibility in organizations
In today's fast-paced business world, AI adoption and visibility are essential. Organizations need AI to boost efficiency and productivity in response to competition. Comprehensive AI adoption insights are crucial for informed decision-making and risk management.
Harmonic's AI discovery and shadow AI management
Harmonic's AI Discovery and Shadow AI Management solutions offer comprehensive oversight of an organization's AI ecosystem, including both sanctioned and unsanctioned applications, ensuring better control and security.
Gaining insights into Shadow AI discovery and risk identification
Gaining insight into both approved AI app usage and unapprovedShadow AI allows companies to evaluate their AI initiatives, address employee needs, and provide secure solutions when necessary. This ensures effective risk management and compliance, promoting the safe adoption of AI within the organization.
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