Paving the way for secure AI adoption, ensuring innovation thrives without compromise
Foster trust in tomorrow's technological advancements.
Our mission
To pave the way for secure AI adoption in enterprises, ensuring innovation thrives without compromise. We stand committed to protecting data integrity, promoting responsible AI use, and fostering trust in tomorrow’s technological advancements.
Harmonic's board
Led by industry veterans.
Alastair Paterson
CEO & Co-founder
Bryan Woolgar-O'Neil
CTO & Co-founder
Alex Doll
Founder at Ten Eleven Ventures
Selected investors
Backed by industry leaders
Jerry Perullo
Founder Adverserial Risk Management
Former CISO, New York Stock Exchange
Daniel Bernard
Chief Business Officer, CrowdStrike
Eileen Burbidge
Partner at Passion Capital
Nick Warner
Former COO, SentinelOne
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